Rhymes of Praise

Rhymes of Praise by Labbayk. Labbayk is a nasheed group based in London, UK. The group started singing officially in Islamic events from the year 2003 and have been doing live performances around the UK. The group consist of 3 brothers, Masum, Ehsaan and Imran. The nasheeds composed have no musical instruments and no musical instruments were utilised in composing the vocal harmonies. The lyrics and content have been verified by scholars in order to maintain the limits and boundaries of Shari’ah.
Release Date: 21st August 2008
Format: MP3 / CD

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May God guide us all. One only needs to look in the Quran to see Islam is the truth. I have lost faith in the world. Everyone and everything feels like a lie. The Quran is the only complete truth I have seen. All praise to God!

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