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  • Copyright: 2010 SAFARMEDIA
  • Total Length: 32:52
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Title: Rhymes of Praise: Labbayk’s Harmonic Homage to Divine Majesty

In the mellifluous verses and soul-stirring melodies of Labbayk’s nasheed album, “Rhymes of Praise,” a profound tribute to the majesty of the divine unfolds. Each carefully crafted lyric and every harmonious note serves as an ode to the greatness of the Creator. This album is not merely a  compilation; it is a spiritual masterpiece, an auditory journey that transcends the ordinary and elevates the listener to a realm of worship and awe.

Rhymes of Praise was released in August 2008. This Nasheed album contains 8 uplifting nasheeds praising Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Also featuring Qur’an recitation by Shaykh Shah Mizanul Hoque. The nasheeds composed have no musical instruments and no musical instruments were utilised in composing the vocal harmonies. The lyrics and content have been verified by scholars in order to maintain the limits and boundaries of Shari’ah.May Allah Ta’ala reward the scholars who have given their valuable time in verifying our lyrics and content, namely Shaykh Hussain Ahmed, Mufti ‘Umair Zulfiqar, Shaykh Muhammad Sibbini and Shaykh Sulayman Ghani.

We thank Shaykh Shah Mizanul Hoque for his beautiful recitation of the Holy Qur’an and also brother Mujahidul Haq who has kindly done the translation to the verses. The translation of the Qur’an by Mufti Taqi Uthmani was utilised. We thank Gareth Redfarn for his valued suggestions and also for taking pain-staking long hours in recording, mixing and mastering the album. We would also like to thank the team at and our recording company for giving us the opportunity to help compile this album And last but not least we thank our parents, family and friends who have continuously given their support in making this album possible.

May Allah Ta’ala accept all the good we do and may He shower everyone with His blessings and endless bounties, amin.


Album: Rhymes of Praise
Released: August 2008
Record Label: Safar Media
Studio: High St Studios, London
Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Gareth Redfarn
Cover Design: Haq Media

Track Listing

1 Surah al Fatiha 1:57
2 The Lord of the Worlds 3:06
3 Best of Creation 3:57
4 Subhanallah 3:35
5 Wedding Nasheed 3:39
6 Allahu Allah 3:21
7 Ramadan 3:17
8 Ask Him 3:45
9 Tala al Badru alayna 2:22
10 Surah An-Nur Ayet 36

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